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About the Institute

We are living amidst a significant social and moral decline in the West. Western civilization, with its origins decidedly shaped by a Biblical worldview, has progressively rejected the principles upon which it was built. With this rejection of Truth has come cultural decline. We are now living amidst the moral and social ruins of Western civilization.

Our aim is to provide resources to educate, encourage, and equip individuals, families, and organizations to apply a Biblical worldview to all aspects of life. In doing so, the Palatine Institute seeks to “repair the ruins” of our civilization from the roots up—helping families display the Glory of God first at home and then to the entire world.

This means we are a deeply Conservative organization, but what do we mean by that? What exactly are we building and conserving?

  • The Church

    The Church as it relates to its teaching authority, worship, culture making, and its pastors’ role as public theologians.

  • The Family

    The Family as it relates to culture making, parenting, wealth-building, generational care and education.

  • The School

    The School as it relates to educational philosophy, its place in society and independence from Federal and State control.

  • The Republic

    The Republic as it relates to its limits, particularly the Federal government, and our need for virtuous citizens and statesmen.

  • The Natural World

    The Natural World as it relates to stewardship and care and the development of a love for local places.

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